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Ellen Broudy

Owner & Designer


I am equal parts art director and graphic designer, with a keen eye for consistency and detail, and a penchant for swift problem solving. It’s my nature to be creative and busy, organized and efficient. I am a thinker, observer and discoverer, and I’m happiest when I’ve been helpful. 

For nearly twenty years, I’ve been fortunate enough to garner the thanks and loyalty of various clients, from giants like The Port Authority of NY & NJ, AIG SunAmerica, RKF, and Utrecht, to non-profits like National Council of Women’s Organizations, Business and Professional Women and the YMCA, to a number of graphic design firms in NYC and NJ as their covert go-to gal. I collaborate with these and other clients at any point in a project — whether creating a concept and taking it through publication, dealing with production, or taking a preexisting design and adapting it to another form.


I have extensive experience designing brands from the ground-up and, alternately, working within the parameters of corporate branding guidelines to create various product packaging and informational, advertising and promotional literature, including reports, brochures, newsletters, and direct mail. Additionally, I have designed countless interactive items like websites, banners, blasts, presentations, booths, and signage.

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